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Alaskan Smoked Porter Smoked Porter Juneau Alaskan Brewing Co 6.5% 660ml B/C £14.95
San Michlaus Ale Strongest Beer! Austria San Michlaus Brewery 14.0% 330ml £3.25
Mikkeller Varied , Normally 3 types Denmark Mikeller Gipsy Brewer From 5%% 340ml b/c bottles £From 3.95
Mikkeller 19 IPA India Pale Ale Copenhagen Mikkeller 6.8% 330ml B/C £4.85
Mikkeller Citra Single Citra Hopped Pale Denmark Mikkeller 6.9% 330ml B/C £4.95
Cloudwater DIPA 6 7 9 Douple IPA Limited Ed Manchester Cloudwater 9%% 330ml B/C £5.00
Buxton/To Ol Sky Mountain Sour Derbyshire/Denmark Buxton/To Ol 4.9% 330ml B/C £3.75
Buxton/Stillwater Sour IPA Sour India Pale Derbyshire/Minnesota Buxton/ Stillwater 7.0% 330ml B/C £5.45
Buxton/Stillwater Imperial Stout Imperial Stout Single Barrel S, Yorkshire/ Minnesota Buxton/ Stillwater 10.00% 330m; £6.25
Augustiner Edelstoff Export Lager Munich Augustiner 5.5% 500ml £enter new price
De Molen Open & Bloot Double India Pale Ale Holland De Molen 8.0% 330ml b/c £4.50
Trappe Quadruple Quadruple Holland Konigshoven Monastery 10%% 330ml B/C £4.95
De Molen Amerikaans American Plale Holland De Molen 4.5% 330ml B/C £3.25
Rasputin Imperial Stout Holland De Molen 10.5% 330ml £5.95
De Molen Vuur & Vlam India Pale Ale Bodegraven De Molen 6.2% 330ml b/c £3.85
De molen Citra Citra Hopped Pale Holland De Molen 4.8% 330ml B/C £3.25
De Molen Hel & Verdoemenis Imperial Stout Bodegraven De Molen 10.0% 330ml B/C £6.45
Hemmel & Aarde Imperial Stout Holland De Molen 9.8% 750ml B/C Cork £11.95
De Molen Rasputin Imperial Stout Bodegraven De Molen 10.7% 330ml B/C £6.45
De Molen Alive & Kicking India Pale Ale Holland De Molen 6.2% 330ml b/c £3.25
Whiplash Everchanging Range Ireland Whiplash Various% 440ml Cans £From ¬£4
Kernel Chinook Mosaic Pale Ale London Kernel 5.3% 500ml B/C £4.25
Kernel Cascade Pale Ale London Kernel 5.2% 500ml B/C £4.25
Renaissance Boonies Extra Pale Extra Pale Nw Zealand Renaissance 5.5% 365ml B/C £3.65
Renaissance Boonies IPA India Pale Ale New Zealand Renaissance 5.2% 365ml B/C £3.65
Snake Dog IPA India Pale Ale Colorado Flying Dog 7.1% 365ml B/C £3.85
Dead Guy Ale German Maibock Style Oregon Rogue 6.5% 365ml B/C £3.95
Torpedo IPA India Pale Ale Sierra Nevada, Calif Sierra Nevada 7.2% 365ml £3.65
Tuatara Sauvinova Nelson Sauvin Hopped IPA New Zealand Tuatara 5.2% 330ml £3.45
Three Boys IPA India Pale Ale New Zealand Three Boys 5.2% 500ml £5.00
Yeastie Boys Gunnamatta Earl Grey IPA New Zealand Yeastie Boys 6.5% 330ml £3.45
Yeastie Boys Pot Kettle Black Porter New Zealand Yeastie Boys 6.0% 330ml £3.25
Tiny Rebel Urban IPA India Pale Ale Newport, S,Wales Tiny Rebel 5.5% 330ml B/C £3.85
Tiny Rebel Full Nelson Pale Ale Newport, S.Wales Tiny Rebel 4.8% 330ml B/C £3.85
Tiny Rebel Fubar Pale Ale Newport, S.Wales Tiny Rebel 4.4% 330ml B/C £3.85
Sierra Nevada Pale Pale Ale California, USA Sierra Nevada 5.8% 365ml £3.00
Sierra Nevada Torpedo India Pale Ale California, USA Sierra Nevada 7.2% 365ml £3.95