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Art Brew Smoky Bastard Smoked Porter Dorset Art Brew 5.5% 500ml B/C 3.45
Alaskan Smoked Porter Smoked Porter Juneau Alaskan Brewing Co 6.5% 660ml B/C 14.95
Anarchy Sublime Chaos Stout Stout Northumberland Anarchy 7.0% 330ml B/C 3.25
Arbor Breakfast Stout Strong Stout Bristol, Avon Arbor 7.4% 500ml B/C 4.45
Arbor Oyster Stout Oyster Stout Bristol Arbor 4.6% 500ml B/C 3.85
Beavertown Heavy Water Cherry Imperial Stout London Beavertown 9.8% 330ml B/C 5.45
Beowulf Dragon Smoke Stout Stout Staffordshire Beowulf 5.3% 500ml B/C 3.25
Beowulf Finns Hall Porter Dark Porter Staffs Beowulf 5.2% 500ml B/C 3.35
Bokrijks Poorter Dark Beer Bokrijks Bokrijks, Hoogstraaten 6.5% 750ml Stone Bottle F 10.95
Bristol Milk Stout Milk Stout Bristol Bristl Beer Factory 4.5% 500ml B/C 3.65
Buxto Rainshadow Imperial Stout Single Barrel Derbyshire Buxton 12.2% 330ml B/C 8.95
Cloudwater Custard Porter Porter Manchester Lancs Cloudwater 6.0% 330ml B/C 3.85
Cloudwater Porter Porter Lancashire Cloudwater 6.5% 330ml B/C 3.85
De Molen Hel & Verdoemenis Imperial Stout Bodegraven De Molen 10.0% 330ml B/C 6.45
De Molen Rasputin Imperial Stout Bodegraven De Molen 10.7% 330ml B/C 6.45
Dragon Smoke Stout Staffordshire Beowulf 4.8% 500ml B/C 3.25
Durham White Stout A White Stout County Durham Durham 7.2% 500ml B/C 4.65
Fierce Cafe Racer Porter Aberdeen Fierce 6.5% 330ml B/C 4.25
Goodybody Stout Stout Hertfordshire Wye Valley 4.8% 500ml 2.20
Hemmel & Aarde Imperial Stout Holland De Molen 9.8% 750ml B/C Cork 11.95
Hercule Stout Stout Guinamont Elleze Brewery 9.0% 330ml 2.85
Hoogstraten Dark Porter Belgium Sterkens Brewery 6.6% 750ml 5.99
Kernel Export India Porter Porter London Kernel 5.8% 500ml B/C 4.95
Kernel Export Stout Stout London Kernel 7.2% 330ml B/C 4.0
Kernel Export Stout Stout London Kernel 7.2% 330ml B/C 4.25
Kernel India Porter dark Porter London Kernel 6.1% 500ml B/C 4.25
Mad Hatter Doozy Porter Porter Liverpool Mad Hatter 6.3% 330ml B/C 3.95
Mallinsons Chocolate Stout Chocolate Stout Huddersfield Mallinsons 4.2% 500ml B/C 3.35
Mallinsons Oatmeal Stout Oatmeal Stout Huddersfield, Yorks Mallinsons 4.6% 500ml B/C 3.35
Marble Chocolate Chocolate Stout Manchester Marble 5.5% 500ml B/C 3.95
Oddysey Cookie Monster Choc & Oatmeal Stout Herts Oddysey 5.5% 500ml B/C 4.85
Offie Tess`s Black Porter Dark Porter Leicestershire Wicked Hathern for The Offie 5.1% 500ml 2.95
Plum Porter Plum Infused Dark Porter Stoke, Staffs Titanic 4.8% 500ml 3.25
Rasputin Imperial Stout Holland De Molen 10.5% 330ml 5.95
Sam Smith's Imperial Stout Strong Stout Yorkshire Sam Smith's 7.0% 365ml 2.00
Sam Smith's Oatmeal Stout Oatmeal Stout Yorkshire Sam Smith's 5.0% 550ml 2.35
Sam Smith's Taddy Porter Dark Porter Beer Yorkshire Sam Smith's 5.0% 550ml 2.35
Sam Smiths Organic Chocolate Chocolate Stout Yorks Sam Smiths 5.0% 550ml 3.95
Siren Barrel Aged Stout Whiskey Aged Stout Berkshire Siren 7.4% 330ml B/C 5.85
Siren Broken Dream Stout Stout Berkshire Siren 6.7% 330ml B/C 3.45
Siren Caribbean Chocolate Cake Chocolate Stout Buckinghamshire Siren 7.0% 330ml B/c 4.85
Six North Chopper Stout Stout Scotland Six Degrees North 7.0% 330ml B/C 4.25
St Pirans Porter Dark Porter Cornwall Coastal 6.0% 500ml B/C 3.65
Temptation Imperial Stout County Durham Durham Brewery 10.0% 500ml 4.00
Thornbridge Heather Honey Porter Special Edition Heather Porter Bakewell, Derbyshire Thornbridge 10.0% 500ml 14.95
Thornbridge Thorny Goat Mocha Porter Bakewell, Derbyshire Thornbridge 6.0% 500ml 4.95
Titanic Cappucino Stout Coffee Stout Staffs Titanic 4.5% 330ml B/C 2.95
Titanic Plum Porter Plum Porter Staffs Titanic 4.9% 500ml 3.65
Tres Bien Porter Porter Leicestershire Tres Bien 4.4% 500ml 3.45
Weird Beard Decdence Stout Luxury Stout London Weird Beard 5.6% 500ml B/C 3.95
Williams Midnight Sun Spiced Porter Alloa Williams 5.6% 500ml 3.00
Yeastie Boys Pot Kettle Black Porter New Zealand Yeastie Boys 6.0% 330ml 3.25