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All Lagers - subject to availability and price change.

Andeches Dopplebock Dunkel Strong Dark LKagerbier Bavaria Andeches Monastery 7.1% 500ml £4.25
Augustiner Edelstoff Export Lager Munich Augustiner 5.5% 500ml £enter new price
Augustiner Hell Light Lager Munich Augustiner 5.2% 500ml £3.95
Brewers Union Unfiltered Lager Unfiltered Lager Bavaria Union 5.0% 500ml b/C £3.25
Cloudwater Eureka Lager Lager Beer Manchester Lancs Cloudwater 4.8% 330ml B/C £3.25
Cloudwater Mittelfruh Lager Lancashire Cloudwater 4.8% 330ml B/C £3.00
Fruh Kolsch Kolsch Lager Cologne Fruh 4.8% 500ml £3.25
Jever Dry Lagerbier Franconia Jever 4.8% 500ml £3.25
Krombacher Pils Pilsner Krombach Krombacher 4.8% 500ml £3.25
Paulaner Salvator Strong Bock Beer Munich Paulaner 7.2% 500ml £4.25